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TopCats Fishing Resort

With its charming lakeside bungalows, an onsite restaurant and the best freshwater fishing in Samui, TopCats promises an exceptional fishing experience suitable for anglers of all skill levels.
Nestled in the charming Taling Ngam on the southwest of the island, the resort is built around a large L-shaped lake spread across 24,000 sq and filled with over 4,000 fish and 40 different species, including the magnificent Mekong catfish, alligator gar, and arapaima. TopCats boasts an eco-friendly ethos that allows fish to thrive in a clean environment, ensuring a rewarding challenge for visitors as they engage with species that can tip the scales at up to 150 kg.
For bookings, TopCats provides flexible options, which include full-day tickets from 8 am to 8 pm or shorter half-day sessions. Additionally, all necessary fishing tackle and bait are included, along with expert assistance from a fishing guide.

Activity Type
Taling Ngam
Why we like it
Stunning location, great facilities and welcoming fishing guides
How to book
From 3,000 THB
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