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Mummified Monk

Another sacred temple worth visiting on Koh Samui is Wat Khunaram, which houses the renowned mummified monk displayed in a glass case within the temple hall, openly visible to all visitors.

The mummified monk is the remains of Loung Pordaeng, a former abbot of Wat Khunaram. Legend has it, the monk predicted his own death and requested his body be preserved to teach people the impermanence of life.

The temple is open every day during daylight hours, although we recommend visiting in the early morning or late afternoon to experience the temple at its liveliest. Exploring the temple shouldn’t take long, so many visitors opt to combine it with nearby attractions such as Grandpa and Grandma Rocks, as well as Na Muang Waterfall.

Please remember to dress respectfully and ensure your shoulders and knees are covered.

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